Camel Coffee Co.,Ltd.

Company Name
Camel Coffee Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
2-31-8, Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
September, 1977
Nobuo Oda, The president
50 million yen
9,700 including 8,200 part-timers〔As of August, 2019〕
Our Business
    1. Sales of coffee beans, imported foods, and alcoholic beverage products
      Directly managed stores KALDI COFFEE FARM 448 stores in Japan (as of August, 2019)
    2. Procuring / developing / manufacturing coffee products
    3. Procuring / developing foods and alcoholic beverage products
  2. 2. Wholesale
    Wholesale coffee beans, foods, and alcoholic beverage products
  3. 3. Overseas business
  4. 4. Food Service

Group Companies


Overseas Co.,Ltd.

Importing / developing / wholesale foods and wines from countries all around the world

Combining the delicious tastes of the world, with the passion of the producers

We select only the best
We travel the world and select the best products in each region based on our long experience and discerning eye and palate.We bring you eye-opening, safe and reliable products with value that exceeds the price.

The passion and love of the producers expand the boundaries of delicious taste
These products, born through a deep respect for nature, embody the strong passion of the producers.As we deepen our relationship with the producers, we bring you not only their excellent products, but also their food culture and passion.

Sharing happiness with the word "delicious"
We always tell our producers when our customer tells us their products are delicious, and this inspires them to strive to create even more delicious tastes in an ever-growing spiral of great taste.

Moheji Co.,Ltd

Procuring / developing Japanese food products

Bringing our many customers
truly delicious flavors unique to Japan

Using only the finest regional ingredients, taste, and methods, we co-create original products with our producers using ingredients that evokes a sense of the four seasons.We strive to create safe, reliable, and high quality products that bring out the magic of the ingredients and to deliver authentic flavor and the diverse food culture born in every corner of Japan to our many customers.

Kowake Co.,Ltd.


Meeting ever more diverse needs

Easier to eat and easier to use
We take foods of uncompromising quality and provide them in countless shapes and sizes to better match the diverse lifestyles of our customers.

A lively and fulfilling place to work
Each of our employees, with or without disability, is able to use their skills and experience to achieve personal growth as they work towards a shared goal.Looking towards the future, all are able to enjoy a lively and fulfilling workplace that is full of hope.

Camel Farm Co.,Ltd.

Cultivating / harvesting grapes, winemaking

From our vineyards to the world

Wines unique to Japan
Carrying on the traditional wisdom and skill maintained by our farmers over many years, we bring the delicious taste of wine featuring qualities and character unique to Japan.

Grown in the soil, crafted by hand, and delivered to your table
We provide our customers with our wines, produced to be delicious, safe, and reliable from scratch with our own hands.

Valuing nature’s bounty
We work on both training new pioneers and community revitalization in order to protect the rich nature and abundant resources found in rural Japanese farming and fishing communities as the invaluable bounty of the world.

Camel Kitchen Co.,Ltd.

Management of cafes, wine bars, and Italian restaurant

Sharing contented smiles by providing relaxing spaces and satisfaction

Eating delicious food makes everyone smile. To make this simple happiness last, we create cozy and relaxing spaces that enable customers to spend good times.

Camel Frontier Co.,Ltd.

Group shared services



    Exporting / developing food products


    Manufacturing / wholesale coffee products Importing / exporting food products Management of cafes


    Management of KALDI COFFEE FARM